Virchow Robin space

Virchow Robin space

English-Korean animal medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • Virchow-Robin space — Vir·chow Ro·bin space fir .kō rō ban n any of the spaces that surround blood vessels as they enter the brain and that communicate with the subarachnoid space Virchow Rudolf Ludwig Karl (1821 1902) German pathologist, anthropologist, and statesman …   Medical dictionary

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  • Virchow-Robin spaces — Virchow Robin spaces, or enlarged perivascular spaces (EPVS) are spaces (often only potential) that surround blood vessels for a short distance as they enter the brain. Their wall is formed by prolongations of the pia mater.FunctionThey contain… …   Wikipedia

  • Virchow-Robin spaces — Vir·chow Rob·in spaces (fērґko ro băґ) [R.L.K. Virchow; Charles Philippe Robin, French anatomist, 1821–1885] see under space …   Medical dictionary

  • space — Any demarcated portion of the body, either an area of the surface, a segment of the tissues, or a cavity. SEE ALSO: area, region, zone. SYN: spatium [TA]. [L. spatium, room, s.] alveolar dead s …   Medical dictionary

  • Robin — Pierre, French pediatrician, 1867–1950. See Pierre R. syndrome. Charles P., French physician, 1821–1885. See Virchow R. space. * * * ro·bin (roґbin) a phytotoxin found in the bark of the tree Robinia pseudacacia, which has caused poisoning of… …   Medical dictionary

  • Virchow — Rudolf L.K., German pathologist and politician, 1821–1902. See V. angle, V. cells, under cell, V. corpuscles, under corpuscle, V. crystals, under crystal, V. disease, V. node, V. psammoma, V. Holder angle, V. Hassall bodies, under body, V. Robin… …   Medical dictionary

  • Glia limitans — The Glia limitans, or glial limiting membrane, is the outermost layer of proper nervous tissue of the brain and spinal cord, lying directly under the pia mater.tructureIt is composed of a dense multilayered meshwork of the processes of astrocytes …   Wikipedia

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